Artificial Forest Defense and Fire Armed Forces Technology

It turned out that the TNI was able to create the Armed Forces Prevention and Armed Forces Fire Technology. The number of cases of forest fires occurring in Indonesia has caused TNI officers to take part in preventing Artificial Forest Defense and suppressing forest fires.

In addition to being directly involved in burning forest burnings, some officers also developed technology to keep the forest from fires. Keeping the forest out of flames means also extinguishing the fires.

Artificial Forest Defense and Fire Armed Forces Technology
Demonstration Technological Proliferation of microorganisms Bios 44 made by TNI

This experience encourages the Military Resort Command (Korem) 044 / Garuda Dempo (Gapo) located in South Sumatra to create a technology for preventing and suppressing Forest Fires. Surely this is very interesting to be observed and useful for the nation of Indonesia.

This technology is called Bios 44 and Nusantara Gapo 44. These two technologies are the main subject of handling forest burning cases. Bios 44 is a technology to prevent the occurrence of forest fires or land, especially those located on peatlands. While Nusantara Gapo 44 is a foam or foam technology to extinguish the fire on fires in peatlands.

Both of these technologies are ahsil from research and research conducted by member of Korem 044 / Garuda Dempo. He explained Bios 44 is a blend of several micro organisms together.

Bios 44 is formed from several micro-organisms that, when sprayed on wet peat, will be able to minimize the cavities so that they are closed and peatlands are not flammable. The cavities within the peatlands themselves are empty spaces that store lots of oxygen, so the fire is always on. However, with the cavity covered in peat soil, only a small amount of oxygen is present and continues to thicken because it will burn by fire, so the fire will be extinguished by itself.

The next technology is the Nusantara Gapo 44 technology, is a foam used to extinguish the fire that burns peatlands. This technology is a liquid that produces foam, but safe and friendly to the environment. This is different from the commonly used fire fighting fluids today.

Fluid Foam Technologies Nusantara Gapo 44 is designed as best as possible to Artificial Forest Defense exclude chemical elements that will damage the environment. The blackout technique with this technology has also been integrated into motorcycles and fire fighting personnel, making it easy to use. This foam-shaped liquid when sprayed will extinguish the fire and seep down the peat soil that will also extinguish the fire within the peatland.

Hopefully with two technology of Prevention and Fire Technology of Artificial Forest of TNI this can minimize the happening of forest fire. This technology is also a solution to overcome the forest that has been burned by the sun and some irresponsible people. In the future, hopefully more and more new technology of the work of the country’s children to advance the nation.