iPhone X Will Launching in Indonesia December 22

http://www.michaelkorsoutletclearanceonline.in.net/ – iphone X coming soon in Indonesia or precisely on Friday, December 22, 2017. Not only that, the latest Apple smartphone series  buku mimpi togel other iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will also pitch in the country on the same date.

This information was delivered by Djatmiko Wardoyo, Director of Communications and Marketing Erajaya Group via text message, Friday (8/12/2017) in Jakarta.

“Telematics Artha Mandiri, a subsidiary of Erajaya Group will soon present Apple’s latest products on December 22, 2017 consisting of iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus,” said Djatmiko.

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He explained, the third new iPhone will be available on Erajaya’s retail network, the iBox, some Erafone outlets, and Urban Republic throughout Indonesia.

But unfortunately, Djatmiko not yet inform about the price. “For the price, we will inform you soon,” he concluded.

For information, in neighboring countries such as Singapore, the third officially marketed on 3 November 2017. In the country iPhone X sold from 1.648 Singapore dollars or approximately USD 16.4 million.

While the iPhone 8 sold for 1414 dollars or about Rp 11.3 million Singapore and iPhone 8 Plus priced Rp 1.308 Singapore dollars or about Rp 12.9 million.

Smartfren also provides information related to it, where the company will offer iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

“Smartfren will offer Apple’s latest product on Friday, December 22. The products offered include iPhone X as well as a new generation of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus,” said Derrick Surya, VP Brand and Marcomm Smartfren to Tekno Liputan6.com.

“For the price, specifications, bundle data packages and others, we just released the details on the same date (December 22, 2017),” he concluded.

iPhone X Jumbo Version
Various predictions about Apple’s latest products, including the iPhone, often adorn the internet. This time re-emerged a new report about the new variant of iPhone X for next year.

Reported by Business Insider, Thursday (7/12/2017), analysts financial company Nomura estimate Apple will release three variants of the iPhone next year. One of them is the latest generation iPhone X, but with a larger screen size.

Apple is said to be releasing two iPhones with an OLED display and another using LCD. Apple’s first smartphone that uses OLED technology is the iPhone X.

For the OLED iPhone next year, one will have the same screen size as the iPhone X is 5.8 inches. Other OLED iPhone variants will glide with a larger screen size of 6.5 inches.

In addition, analysts estimate True Depth’s camera system used for face recognition will have a design like this year. Apple is also likely to announce new 512GB internal memory option.

“We think the focus on the latest iPhone in the second half of 2018 is to optimize technology in terms of performance, cost and adopt more iPhone portfolios, rather than bringing more significant technological changes to the new iPhone,” Nomura wrote in an analyst note.

Analysts also argue the OLED iPhone specifications for next year are likely to be the same as those of the current iPhone X. The difference is likely only lies in the screen size and support two SIM cards for iPhone 6.5 inches.

New Apple Partner
The three latest iPhone is expected to have a body design like the iPhone X, with the difference lies in the type of screen used.

Analysts believe the iPhone with the cheapest price will have facial recognition cameras and targeting the middle class segment. The selling price ranges between US $ 650 and US $ 900.

The so-called cheap iPhone will have only one rear camera. Nomura estimates this smartphone will be assembled by Pegatron or Wistron.

Another Apple partner, Foxconn, will handle the more expensive iPhone manufacturing process. Foxconn is currently the only builder for iPhone X.

This Nomura information comes from a number of sources from the supply chain. However, Nomura stressed that there is likely to be a togel singapore change as the specifications and suppliers for the latest iPhone are expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter or early second quarter 2018.

Nomura’s note to investors is mostly focused on companies that supply various materials for the iPhone.

If their predictions are accurate, then the companies that will be Apple’s partners for the latest iPhone include Largan, ASE, Wistron, ZDT, Casetek, and Merry.